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Founded back in 1994, we wanted to bring the best business solutions to the world.

Business summary


 I offer a total solution management services with a focus on marketing to Tactic from strategic planning.


 Divided into groups by industry and function by voluntarily, in addition to consulting projects of customers, even within an organization, consultant of the CAP business management, working hard every day to research activities. We called the practice these research activities, knowledge obtained through practices have been applied for the project of the customers immediately.


 Professionals in each field that was familiar with the marketing has been networked Japan, North America, South Korea, China solutions service of CAP business management (CBS protocol). Execution support up is done to resolve management issues of everyone, the marketing challenge by optimal team is configured.


Corporate Finance


Corporate Finance Group of CAP business management (CF group), with the goal of corporate value and shareholder value creation of corporate customers, the development of business strategy, the creation of alliances and opportunities M & A for strategic objectives, negotiation and deal structuring support, and in the process of a series of integrating deal after execution, it offers to customers a consistent support to execution and strategy formulation. Based on domestic, North America, South Korea, China, and provides advice to the global to meet the needs of customers.


Marketing Branding


Many industries have reached maturity, companies face challenges related to marketing has been increasing. Differentiation from the competition or extend how the market share of difficult product -. In mature markets, it will continue to support branding, pricing, and sales force management, in every striker is required. Then, it is necessary to be rather than as an issue of one function of marketing, to approach as management issues company-wide.



The CAP Business Management, from B2C companies cosmetics, food, and apparel, up to the B2B business in the corporate high-tech, manufacturing, and distribution, for the management issues related to these marketing, proposes a solution using the technique systematic scientific will.




Is that when competitiveness of companies, will be discussed in isolation and operations strategy, meaning there are no longer disappearing. In recent years, can be performed for both operations and strategy building has become much further even us.

You want to get the field force and the ability to execute in order to further strengthen did on formalize the operation know-how was a tacit understanding in the field so far, to overcome the global competition. I want to rebuild the operations that can be deployed globally, and has a global competitiveness. I want to build a new operations force that assumes the use of the BRICs such as China and India. Want to build up an operation that is globally competitive and bring the know-how of the manufacturing industry to the service industry - even in Japan, these new needs is growing rapidly.



 In addition, compared to Western companies, and without end in mere site strengthen operations strengthening project, spread awareness transformation of enterprise-wide or division overall, that, to the behavior change, transformation Japanese companies (companies actual transformation) it is a reality needs to enlarge its activities as, that want to fixing is of much higher. In order to run a successful transformation, that in consideration of the nature of the management of various constraints of the company-specific, corporate culture, and the field, to design a program of activities is essential.



 The operation of the CAP  Business Management group, client companies, we support for the Move to the tissue to achieve the operation of world-class, can improve sustained performance. Diverse, automotive, high-tech, consumer electronics, communications, power, railway, chemical, metal, pharmaceutical, financial, ranging from agriculture and public institutions, in any organization, industries customers, challenge areas conforming to strategy I have been supporting the organizational change and implementation, and operations.

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